Shipping & Returns

Policy Page, Returns, Pricing

We accept returns on all items within 15 days of purchase unless specified otherwise. Return Acceptance Policy is as follows:


Items may be returned for replacement if the item was wrong, or was defective in the box. If the item is received damaged, the shipping company will be responsible for this and we will assist you in getting a refund from them. If something is wrong, we will do our best to replace it asap with the right part, if and only if, it was the sole fault of


All items returned for a refund will be subject to a $35 reduction for shipping and 25% restocking fee with the exception being the part not being right for the application. In that case a replacement will be issued unless there is no replacement available.

If you need to return something to be repaired or replaced, please email us at If the item is damaged due to negligence, it will be returned to you at your expense. Please let us know up front exactly what is wrong with the product to avoid any problems or delays. For warranty shocks, customer is responsible for $10 return shipping after bad shocks have been sent back. Alternatively, customer could purchase another shock and when new shock is received, bad one could be returned for a refund. NO EXCEPTIONS ON SHOCK WARRANTY.